High-Performance Compositing: Maya Composite

Work interactively with visual media regardless of bit-depth or image size. This node-based compositor provides Maya users with a highly efficient, collaborative compositing environment for nonlinear visual effects decision-making, helping accelerate everyday CG workflows. Maya Composite is a high-performance, high dynamic range (HDR) system with tools for keying, tracking, color correction, rotoscoping, paint, and warping. It includes advanced filters (including motion blur and depth of field), a full 3D compositing environment, and support for stereoscopic production.

Advanced Simulation Features

Access the innovative simulation tools that made Autodesk® Maya® Unlimited software famous—for less. There’s now only one version of Maya. That means Maya users gain access to the Maya Unlimited 2009 software’s innovations: the Maya Nucleus dynamic simulation framework, featuring the first two fully integrated Nucleus modules (Maya nCloth and Maya nParticles), as well as Maya Fluid Effects, Maya Hair, and Maya Fur.

Professional Camera Tracking

Extract accurate 3D camera and motion data from video and film sequences and insert CG elements seamlessly into a scene using Maya software’s new, advanced matchmoving camera tracking system. A critical tool for leading visual effects production work requiring integration of CG elements with live action, Autodesk® MatchMover™ software provides high-quality 3D camera tracking with easy-to-use automatic tracking capabilities and precision manual controls.

More Rendering Power

Use more networked computers to render your sequences faster: Maya 2010 includes 5 additional mental ray® for Maya batch rendering* nodes. Also included is the Autodesk® Backburner™** network render queue manager to help manage the rendering process for your CG pipeline. Larger facilities have the option to integrate these additional mental ray for Maya nodes into their existing render management software.

* Feature only available with network license.
** Feature only available for Microsoft® Windows® 32-bit / 64-bit and Linux® 64-bit operating systems.

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متن زیر مقدمه فصل اول کتاب ART of MAYA متاسفانه لینک دانلود اینها ندارم ولی فکر کنم از سایت Autodesk دانلود کردم.

امیدوارم خوششتون بیاد.

Animation is an art form created and cultivated over the last century.

While drawing, painting, sculpting and photography allow artists to represent shape and form at a single point in time, animation lets artists explore a world in motion. Through animation, new worlds can be imagined. This modern art form evokes emotion through the movement of a sequence of drawings, paintings, photographs or rendered images.

The introduction of 3D computer graphics over the last couple of decades has had a big impact on the world of animation. Digital characters and sets can now be built and animated, then presented in different media formats such as film, video and interactive games. Characters and visual effects can even be seamlessly integrated into live-action footage.

Autodesk® Maya® is a 3D animation system that lets artists play the roles of director, actor, set designer and cinematographer.


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با توجه به اینکه معرفی کتاب بیشترین طرفدار رو داره برای امروز هم یک کتاب در نظر گرفتم.

3D Modeling and Animation:: Synthesis and Analysis Techniques for the Human Body

3D Modeling and Animation: : Synthesis and Analysis Techniques for the Human Body

3D Modeling and Animation: Synthesis and Analysis Techniques for the Human Body covers the areas of modeling and animating 3D synthetic human models at a level that is useful to students, researchers, software developers and content generators. The reader will be presented with the latest, research-level, techniques for the analysis and synthesis of still and moving human bodies, with particular emphasis in facial and gesture characteristics.

برای مشاهده لینک دانلود به ادامه مطلب مراجعه فرمایید.

ادامه مطلب
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بسیاری از دوستان در مورد دانلود کتاب های الکترونیکی موجود در سایت سوال می پرسند:

خدمت این دوستان عرض کنم بیشتر اینها از سایت های مختلفی چون ebookclub یا flxz پیدا می کنم  و بعضی هم قبلا خودم دانلود کردم و الان لینک اونها رو در اختیار ندارم ولی چشم سعی می کنم از این پس  تا جایی که امکان داشته باشه لینک دانلود هم قرار بدم.

شاد باشید

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یک کتاب دیگه!

OpenEdge Development: Progress 4GL Handbook

OpenEdge Development: Progress 4GL

This book is a comprehensive tour of all the essential elements of the Progress 4GL. The Progress 4GL remains by far the most powerful and comprehensive language for developing serious business applications. Combined with the Progress RDBMS(tm)

database and the other components of the Progress OpenEdge(tm) product family, the Progress 4GL can support you in building and deploying your applications in ways that are matched by no other environment today. By the time you complete this book, you will be competent to build thoroughly modern applications that take advantage of most of the language's features. And you will use the language to build powerful business application logic, not just the toy demonstration windows you findin other language tutorials. Progress is not a toy. It's a tool for serious developers who have serious business problems to solve. This book is written for two different kinds of audiences. The first group consists of existing Progressdevelopers who might have created applications in earlier releases of the product, when many of the more recent extensions to the language were not yet available. If you are already experienced in the 4GL, you will find some of the material, especially in the first couple of chapters, familiar. Feel free to skim through those sections quickly, but you should not skip even the first chapters altogether to avoid missing anything-there are changes and enhancements to the language atevery level. The second audience for this book consists of people completely new to Progress. For those of you in this second group, you should take the time to learn enough about the language to understand some of the many ways it canhelp you in your development work. You probably need to have a background in some other programming language to catch on to Progress quickly, because the material might come at you fast and furious. Despite its many extraordinary and uniquefeatures, the Progress 4GL is basically a procedural programming language with most of the same constructs common to almost all such languages.

ISBN: 092356201X, Author: John Sadd, Publisher: Progress Software Corporation, Pages: 832, Publication Date: 2003-12-01

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